Progress Report: Princess Jasmine (Aladdin) Amigurumi Pattern

Happy Tuesday, crafters!

It’s been raining all day where I’m at, which has got me in the perfect mood for crocheting!

That’s good news for Princess Jasmine, who has been a big cloud above my head until recently. The thought of trying to work a doll with actual legs? Terrifying!

I finished the pattern for Belle more than three weeks ago, and progress on Jasmine has been quite slow since then. But I caught the crochet bug again last night, and I decided that I had waited long enough to start this project!


After a few hours last night, I was finally able to come across a method for working the legs from the waist down. Victory!

I spent my lunch hour today weaving in ends to make it easier to work on her later. I just love her poofy balloon pants! I also made one of her arms, but ran out of time to attach it. I am so excited to get her arms crocheted and sewn on–these dolls look a bit weird without arms or hair…

My goal for the evening? Arms and feet/shoes. Maybe the sleeve details, too, since they’re relatively small and easy to manage.

Realistically, it’s probably going to take at least another day for her hair, which I haven’t really figured out yet. The goal for these dolls is to make them in as many solid pieces as possible so that they are more kid-friendly. As a result, doll hair is more difficult to shape into one piece, but stays attached better (and it looks really cute, too). Unlike my Doctor Who dolls, which have hair that is made of strands of yarn loosely attached to the dolls’ heads, these little princesses have really sturdy hair (just ask poor Aurora, who my kid sister decided to swing around at high speeds by one of her locks of hair).

So that’s my progress report on Jasmine. If it’s a slow evening, she might be finished by tomorrow! (That would be one of my three wishes. Just saying.)

UPDATE: Jasmine has arms, feet, and even eyeliner! Now all she needs is hair! Hooray!


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