2HeartsCrochet Gets a Makeover

Hello crafters!

I am very excited about the blog’s new look and feel, and I hope you are, too!

When I started the Two Hearts Crochet blog in January, I kind of just picked a blog theme and went with it. It was dark, the options were limited, and I wasn’t too pleased, but it did the job.

But after some careful soul searching and much deliberation, I decided that now is not the time to just go with it – now is the time for dazzle!

It started with a blog post I read a few days ago regarding gift ideas for crocheters. (Furls Yarn Bowl? Yes please!) Most of the items on the list were things you’d expect to find: yarn, hooks, books, buttons, etc. Did you know there is such a thing as crochet jewelry?

But the item that surprised me the most – and started this whole makeover escapade – was business cards.

Business cards for a crocheter, you ask?

And why not? For a blogger and avid yarn crafter, a business card featuring the blog and all of its basic information is a perfect idea.

So I made some. And I can’t wait for them to arrive in the mail. (I also get stickers and a personalized pen. Yay!)


lp (1)

I loved the cute little design so much, I decided to give the blog a bit of a makeover. The previous theme was too dark, too meh.

But now? With my new, crisp theme, the projects gallery on the patterns page, and by utilizing the design from my new business card as the header image for the blog, Two Hearts Crochet now looks as shiny and cheery as I had originally hoped for!

And speaking of Two Hearts Crochet, you may have noticed that the blog name has deviated from its original name, 2HeartsCrochet (albeit only slightly). I am not too big to admit that it is largely because it looks prettier on the card this way (and basically everywhere else, too).

So what do you think of the new look? Yay? Nay? Let me know!

Happy crafting,

– Alex

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