Keep Calm and Craft On!

One of the hardest and sometimes most frustrating aspects of crochet is having eyes that are larger than your yarn stash (or your time). I am currently working on several projects, and I’m finding that I have so little time these days to work on them all! Does anyone know a yarn fairy who can magic me some more hours in my day?

I currently have hooks and/or needles in the following projects:

  1. Princess Jasmine pattern (from Disney’s Aladdin)
  2. Merida pattern (from Disney’s Brave)
  3. Knitted scarf in the garter stitch
  4. Another football beanie
  5. Crocheted golf club cover/cozy
  6. Crocheted Nativity Scene (currently working on the stables)

Future projects:

  1. Pocahontas pattern
  2. Mulan pattern
  3. Princess Tiana pattern (from Disney’s The Princess & The Frog)
  4. Rapunzel (from Disney’s Tangled)
  5. Queen Elsa (from Disney’s Frozen)
  6. Princess Anna (from Disney’s Frozen)
  7. Thing 1 & Thing 2 hats (and a Dr. Seuss-themed “MOM” hat)
  8. A crocheted locomotive (a BSNF SD40-2 in the Heritage 1 paint scheme, to be precise)
  9. The rest of the Nativity scene: Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the angel, the three wisemen, a couple of shepherds, sheep and cows and donkeys, etc.

See how it adds up? I’m trying to work on somethings and scatter the princesses throughout other pattern posts, and obviously the Nativity scene project will be posted later in the year. Ideally, I’d love to throw in a crocheted Santa and Mrs. Claus pattern as we get closer to that time of the year as well, but who knows what other projects will pop into my head before then?

The pattern for Jasmine might be posted by the weekend. I’m facing a few weeks of lonely evenings as my other half gets into his busy season for work, so I have a few extra crochet hours to work with.

Keep calm and craft on, my friends!

4 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Craft On!

  1. I am so happy I found your page! Your dolls are just too cute! My next project is now Disney princesses thanks to your patterns 🙂

    1. I am so glad! They are so fun to make and they get so much attention from everyone. Feel free to share pictures of your princess creations! 🙂

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