Pattern Share: Mini Doctor Whos

THIS. This is basically what started me on the path to developing my own Disney princess patterns. (If there are two things I love, it’s Who and Disney!)

I started watching Doctor Who about two years ago when I had the flu. I started with the 2005 reboot featuring Chris Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor, and since then I have fallen so far in love with this series that there is absolutely no hope for my return to sanity. (Seriously. I have a dalek print in my bathroom.) And what Whovian doesn’t want some of their very own Doctor Who accessories?

It started with a desire, nay, a need, to knit one of the many versions of the Fourth Doctor’s (Tom Baker) legendary scarf. I didn’t know how to knit, but for that scarf, I could learn! (Sure, it only took me a year and a half. But hey, I learned!) So while I struggled with that beautiful 13-foot-long scarf, I started looking for some crochet Whovian patterns with which I could satiate my nerdy appetite.

What I found is this FANTASTIC pattern by Ravelry member Nyss Parks, and it’s called Mini Doctor Whos – for a good reason! These guys measure about 3.5 inches tall and are much too adorable for their own good. It contains instructions for making the first eleven Doctors, and she’s noted that both the War Doctor and Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor will be joining them soon!

From left to right: Eleven, Nine, and Ten, all wrapped up in my Tom Baker scarf with their TARDIS!

(TARDIS Note: Nyss Parks also has a pattern for the TARDIS, which is designed to be a plush and does not have a door that opens. I didn’t base my TARDIS off of a patter, but it turned out pretty neat, I think!)

Now, I have seen a little bit of the original Doctor Who series, mostly episodes with William Hartnell (First Doctor), Patrick Troughton (Second Doctor), John Pertwee (Third Doctor) and Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor). I’ve also seen mini episodes featuring Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor), and they only left me wanting to watch more! But I have yet to make any mini crocheted versions of any Doctor that was not included in the 2005 reboot series.

I have, however, used this pattern (and a little of my own ingenuity) to create several of the companions (and even a monster or two!) from the reboot! My favorite? A tie between River Song and Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor (I just love her hair and his bow tie)! But who can really choose, anyway? They’re all brilliant!

So if you’re a fan of Doctor Who or if there’s a Whovian in your life, be sure to check out the Mini Doctor Whos pattern and get crafting! Fantastic! Allons-y! Geronimo!

**This pattern/tutorial belongs to Nyss Parks. Photos belong to 2HeartsCrochet.**

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