Storing and Organizing Your Yarn

Happy Presidents’ Day, crafters! For months, I have been keeping my yarn stash in several buckets in one of the spare bedrooms. In some ways, this method had its advantages — stackable, moveable, and not too difficult to rummage through. It helped that I had them stored by color groups (red/orange/pink/yellow, black/white/gray/brown, and blue/green/purple). I’ve been thinking about finding a new storage solution for my yarn for ages, some way I could keep the yarn up off the floor but still be able to take a glance at my stash and have an instant visual on what was low and what I should stop buying! My other half was not so lucky as to have today off from work, so to keep myself busy and productive, I stopped by a local store and picked up a few things to work up a new storage solution for all of my yarn-crafting supplies! _DSC3865 The 9-cube storage unit only cost about $35.00 at my local Bi-Mart store, and the three fabric drawers cost about $5.00 apiece. The hardest part was definitely putting the thing together. By myself. With my bum knees on the hardwood floors. _DSC3870 My favorite stash-storage-solution find of the day? Definitely a tie between the 6-compartment drawer organizer and the suction-cup shower razor holder, each costing only about $5.00 apiece. _DSC3872 I tried the suction cups, but they just wouldn’t stick, especially once I put the crochet hooks in it! Luckily, I had some of those 3M stickable wall hooks lying around. I also had some spare mason jars hanging around the pantry, so I pulled a couple of them and put them up top to hold my small collection of knitting needles, scissors, stitch holders, and cable needles. (They also hold the tiny crochet hooks that kept falling through the holes at the bottom of the suction-cup shower razor holder – you know, the ones that let moisture through?) _DSC3868

_DSC3875 The 6-compartment drawer organizer is FANTASTIC for my growing button collection and my tapestry needles. It also holds my super-fancy cardboard “Pom-Pom Maker”, my measuring tape, row counters, safety eyes, and my wonderful Doctor Who-themed stitch markers! _DSC3873 _DSC3867 My new yarn storage set-up is currently in the same corner of my living room that the Christmas tree just finally! vacated, but we’ve got long-term plans for floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to go there, so I know it won’t stay there forever. Otherwise, I would love to hang something up above (like this!) for added storage and adorableness! So what storage ideas do you have for your craftiness? Please share your ideas! I would love see what your crafty minds create! Happy crafting!

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