Pattern Share: Crochet Heart Tutorial

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, crafters!

If you’ve done any kind of web search for a crochet heart pattern, you know that there are hundreds of them floating about. So many of them are quick and easy and beautiful, but how can you choose which one to make?

I recently stumbled upon this Crochet Heart Tutorial from the talented Sam from PatternPiper Crochet. This tutorial is well-written and the photos she has used are a fantastic help. If you are just starting out with crochet or if you are just a visual learner, then you will love the photographs she uses to help explain her steps throughout the tutorial. [Note: the pattern is written in UK terms throughout. If you are unfamiliar with them, pop over to The Stitch Sharer’s Step by Step Stitch Guide!]


So if you’re looking for a quick last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for a co-worker, friend, or that special someone, why not give this a try? They’re adorable as single hearts or as garland. Think of all the ways you could use them!

Be sure to stop by PatternPiper Crochet and check out this pattern and all of her other lovely posts! Happy crafting!

**This pattern/tutorial and photo belong to PatternPiper Crochet.**

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