Pattern Share: Sam, the Little Teddy Bear Amigurumi

Hello Crafters!

Are you looking for an easy to follow pattern for your first try at amigurumi? Then look no further! I recently found this pattern when I was in need of a quick project for a friend’s birthday. The night before, thanks to a quick Google search, I stumbled across this adorable bear, and I had all of the supplies needed right at home!

Thanks to Carolina Guzman and her adorable Sam, the Little Teddy Bear pattern (free download on Ravelry!), you too can make one (or two, or five, or three dozen…) of these super snugly bears!


If you follow the pattern, this little guy works out to measure about four inches tall. But if you want your bear to be a little bit bigger or a little bit smaller, you can always swap out your hook for a different size! (Crafter’s Warning: If you use a hook that is a fair bit larger than the one the pattern calls for, your stitches will be bigger and the gaps between them, therefore, will be larger too. This means that your stuffing inside the bear will be much more visible and more likely to try and escape!)

I myself am fairy new to amigurumi crochet, but I found this pattern to be very easy and relatively quick to work up (even with all my grumbling about sewing all the pieces together, I think it only took about an hour). The pattern is worked in the round and is clear and easy to read.

And how cute is he? I just want to make a million of them!

Think of all the different ways you can customize this  little guy: funny hats, bright-colored shirts (jerseys, anyone?), and fun superhero capes are just some of the few ideas that come to mind!

I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I have! Happy crafting!

**This pattern/tutorial belongs to Carolina Guzman. Photos belong to 2HeartsCrochet.**

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