Welcome to the Geekery

Hello, fellow yarnies! Welcome to Yarn Geekery. This site is home to loads of free crochet patterns, tutorials, and even printable items. You’ll also find a few patterns and tutorials for knitters (I’m a beginner myself), and an assortment of other yarn- and geek-related things. My newest passion? Punch needle art!

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Recent Updates:

12/17/2020 — Effective immediately, I am taking a brief break from this website and its social media pages. To be honest, I’m taking some time to sort out some mental health issues. I am so grateful for all of your support. I hope to be back early in the new year!

NOTE: As a result of the recent site update, some links are not functioning. I have updated all of the links in the Maker Library. Remember, you can always search for something by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top of the website! If you have anything saved or bookmarked with “2heartscrochet.com” in the url, please replace “2heartscrochet” with “yarngeekery”.

11/25/2020 — Hey there, yarn geeks! You’ve probably noticed that we’ve got a new look here at the Geekery, as well as a new name. I promise, this is the last time I change names on you—honest!

So why the changes? We started this journey way back when as Two Hearts Crochet, and more recently made the move to Yarn Geek Makes. With each change came a cleaner, simpler look, but I still wasn’t quite happy. I took the plunge and invested in a new website theme that has loads more customizable features, making the site truly crisp, tidy, and bright. In that same spirit, Yarn Geek Makes has now become Yarn Geekery, which I believe best represents the vibe of this website and the community behind it. I’m super excited about the changes made, and I hope you are too!

You can still find me on social media @yarngeekery, and my Etsy shop (@yarngeekery) and Ravelry store (@theyarngeekery) are still up and running as well.

The Knitting for Newbies videos have been posted, but some of the videos cut off at about 15 minutes. This is a known error but will not be resolved soon due to time constraints. Until I can get them fixed, I highly recommend watching this tutorial from Lattes & Llamas.